#009 What’s New Pop-Up Founders, Talks Christmas Dinner Ideas

Alison & Stephanie are the founders of “What’s New Pop-Up,” a platform for unique raw talent from a variety of categories including Food, Sports & Fitness, Fashion and more.

Ingredients for today’s show include things to eat during Christmas. We learn about how “What’s New Pop-Up” has grown, and we find out if your friends should support your business?

Podcast Ingredients

  • An introduction to Alison & Stephanie from What’s New Pop-Up.
  • What is “What’s New Pop-Up.”
  • We learn about their first “Sports & Fitness “ pop-up.
  • How the idea was born for “What’s New Pop-up” and how it evolved.
  • How Alison and Stephanie try to keep their brand authentic.
  • Dealing with feedback from friends and family.
  • Why Alison and Stephanie didn’t pitch for investment.
  • Getting brands on board for the pop-up.
  • The different pop-up themes.
  • The vision for 5 years from now.
  • We learn about the team that makes everything work.
  • We talk about selling tickets to strangers.
  • Should your friends support your business?
  • The power of activation and doing things in person.
  • The power of losing.
  • We explore Alison and Stephanie’s heritage.
  • We talk Madesu, a Congolese dish.
  • Why plantain and gizzard are so tasty.
  • We explore Foods that Alison and Stephanie dont like to eat.
  • The Love-hate relationship with prawns.
  • The best place to eat chicken wings.
  • Real vs Fake Nutella.
  • Black vs White pudding.
  • We talk Nigerian pepper soup.
  • Is cows foot tasty?
  • We explore things to eat during Christmas.
  • The problem with turkey.
  • Mikate & Puff Puff at Christmas?
  • We find out if Alison and Stephanie like to cook?
  • We talk about Mama Deluxe, a restaurant in Tottenham.
  • We touch on Nigerian Restaurant’s, 805 and  Mama Cass.
  • We hear the famous Drake story ☺

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