#005 We Talk Pondu & Congolese Food With Princese

Princese enjoys sharing her passion for Congolese & African recipes via her social channels, through which she allows us to join in her journey on learning about food from different cultures.

Ingredients for today’s show include the exploration of a Congolese dish called Pondu. We find out why it’s important for a female to cook, and we get tips for YouTube and other social channels.

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Podcast Ingredients

  • An introduction to Princese
  • Princese shares the meaning of “Lets cook with Elle”
  • How Lisimba met Princese
  • How Fanta tastes in other countries
  • Nigerian Jollof Vs Ghanaian Jollof
  • Notable Congolese restaurants in London
  • We touch on the shortage of Congolese restaurants in London.
  • We talk about the positive effects of Black Panther
  • Futures plans in Princese
  • How to promote your own food brand online
  • Why you should pursue something you are passionate about
  • We talk about Pondu & Ngai ngai
  • We find out who inspired Princese
  • Why it’s important for a female to cook
  • We talk about Lorraine Pascale
  • Why you shouldn’t compare yourself to others
  • How Princese started filming herself
  • Where Princese gets the most engagement online
  • We talk about the difficulties of content creation
  • Why youtube thumbnails are important
  • How Princese remembers her recipes
  • Princese talks about her love for paella
  • Traditional vs fusion cuisune

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