#002 We Talk Jamaican Patties With Restaurateur Theresa Roberts

Theresa Roberts is the founder and restauranteur of the Jamaica Patty Company in Covent Garden, London.

Ingredients for today’s show include a pinch of food history with how the Jamaican Patty relates to the English Cornish Pasty. Foods that you need to try, and the challenges in opening a restaurant.

Podcast Ingredients

  • An introduction to Theresa Roberts.
  • Theresa shares the history of her love for the Jamaican Patty.
  • We learn how a Jamaican patty relates to the English Cornish Pasty.
  • What is Ackee?
  • Why it is important to Theresa to be the face of her company.
  • Is it important to keep ingredients traditional.
  • We discuss staffing trouble.
  • The trouble with finding food locally that is similar to abroad.
  • The difficulty with finding foreign ingredients locally.
  • Theresa shares her love for Juici Patties.
  • Patties with or without coco bread?
  • What food you need to try.
  • Challenges in opening a restaurant in London,
  • The trouble with landlords.
  • Future plans for the Jamaican Patty co.
  • We talk about fish.
  • How the Jamaica Patty Co keep their pasty¬†flaky

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