#010 Toju Neburagho Talks Pairing Nigerian Food With Cake

We catch up with Toju Neburagho, the cake architect, baker, and founder of the bespoke cake brand “love.every.bite”

Ingredients for today’s show include “having confidence in your baking”, a “cake taste test,” & “pairing Nigerian food with cake.”

Toju Neburagho

Podcast Ingredients

  • An introduction to Toju Neburagho and her brand, “Love every bite.”
  • We discuss supermarket cakes and their sugar content.
  • We talk about different types of icing.
  • Do you measure when cooking?
  • Having a little black book for recipes.
  • Making Marble Cake.
  • Having confidence in yourself & your baking.
  • Taking inspiration from Nastassja Lusengo – The Indulgent Sugar Plum
  • Taking inspiration from the “Big Cook Little Cook” show
  • Selling cake at school
  • Do you need to be an extrovert to grow your business?
  • How Lisimba & Toju met at the UK Black Business Show.
  • The power of sharing your story – word of mouth.
  • How Toju got her first customer.
  • Toju talks about her Nigerian Travels.
  • We talk Nigerian dishes: Starch & Banga Soup
  • The popularity of Shawarma in Nigeria
  • Asun – Spicy goat meat
  • Pairing Nigerian food with cake
  • Pineapples on Pizza !!
  • Does “Fan Ice” ice cream taste good?
  • Guess the Food!
  • Rapid Fire, Rapid Answer Questions
  • We do a cake taste test!

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