#011 The Krio Kanteen Supper Club Experience With Joe Faulkner

In today’s episode, we chop it up with Joe Faulkner, the founder of The Krio Kanteen, a West African food pop-up that specialises in Sierra Leonean food.

Ingredients for today’s show include “menu items from Joes last Supper Club” e.g. Rice Akara, Plasas – Cassava Leaf Sauce & more. We get a tip on following in Joe’s footsteps & “We hear a story about when cooking chicken for a supper club, didn’t go to plan.”

Podcast Ingredients

  • An introduction to Joe Faulkner and The Krio Kanteen.
  • We touch on the negative portrayal of the African experience and why it’s important to change the narrative.
  • What makes The Krio Kanteen supper clubs special.
  • Why The Krio Kanteen is choosing to spread outside of London.
  • Sierra Leonean Coconut Biscuit (Coconut cake).
  • We talk about the menu from Joes last Supper Club.
  • Rice Akara (Salone Style Banana Fritters) with sweet pepper sauce – We talk about its possible Nigerian origins.
  • The religion of food.
  • The origins of Jollof Rice.
  • Leaf Stews and Plasas in Sierra Leone – Cassava Leaf Sauce.
  • Is it important for cooking to be authentic?
  • Are we spoilt for choice with African food in London?
  • Best place to find African food in London.
  • How social media has shaped The Krio Kanteen.
  • Joe tells us a story about his first supper club.
  • Joe talks about how he learned to cook.
  • We get a tip on following in Joe’s footsteps
  • We hear a story about when cooking chicken for a supper club, didn’t go to plan.
  • Is the food Joe eats at home, the same as what he cooks for customers.
  • We hear more about The Krio Kanteen team.
  • VNV Live – Wedding Services.
  • The future goals for The Krio Kanteen.
  • Cinnamon & plantain cupcake with Clotted Cream & Mango.
  • Eating really heavy food in Sierra Leone.

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Good morning!!! 👋🏿👋🏿 I have finally recovered from our Supper Club and I’ve had a lil time to enjoy the feedback and pics too. I am so proud of we achieved on Sunday and want to thank everybody that played a part in making it such a special evening 👊🏿🇸🇱❤ I love hosting these kind of events and have now realised that they need to happen more often, so don’t worry if you missed out because there will be more events and amazing pics to follow 🕺🏿🙌🏿😊 #thekriokanteen 🍽🇸🇱 #yugobelful #londonfoodie #yummy #london #londonlife #streetfood #goodfood #foodstagram #instafoodie #foodie #instafood #salonefood #salone #sierraleone #sierraleonefood #sierraleonean #atasteofsalone #westafricanfood #westafricacooks #westafrica #supperclub

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