#008 Riley Serola Talks Nigerian Food, Honesty & Profiting from African or Caribbean food

Riley Serola is a Creative and YouTuber who shares weekly food reviews (mainly in London) alongside the occasional travel vlogs.

Ingredients for today’s show include the expectation of Nigerian Restaurants, Giving honest reviews, and a debate on who should profit from African & Caribbean food.

Podcast Ingredients

  • An introduction to Riley Serola.
  • Riley talks more about the origin of his YouTube channel – Food, Travel & Leisure.
  • Riley shares his future plans.
  • How comments can be a driving force for content creation.
  • How comments can bring attention to your channel.
  • Riley shares his experience at Chino Latino Bar and Restaurant, London.
  • We talk about the Hakkasan experience.
  • Riley shares his homely experience from a restaurant in Budapest.
  • We talk about English politeness and if you should complain while in a restaurant?
  • Riley talks about his Nigerian background and food from his childhood.
  • We discuss Nigerian Fried Rice.
  • The expectation of Nigerian Restaurants.
  • Debate on culture and who should profit from African & Caribbean food.
  • The power of social media.
  • Giving honest reviews.
  • The toilet reviews.
  • Advice for people who want to create their own food reviews.
  • The trouble with editing videos.
  • Fried chicken videos & the Chicken Connoisseur.
  • Rileys future restaurant plans in Croyden, London.
  • Danny Myers & Alan Yau.

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