#006 DJ Sef Kombo Talks Being A DJ & On Ghanaian & Tanzanian Food

Sef Kombo is a Soulful, Deep & Afro House DJ who played at our first brunch day party event. His work has taken him all over the world to countries like Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Poland and many more. He has also hosted his own show on Bang Radio, BBC 1xtra, Rinse FM & East Africa Radio and has appeared on Kiss 100 and BBC Asian Network.

Podcast Ingredients

  • An introduction to Sef Kombo.
  • Sef talks about his house night, “Til Two Parties” and the backstory.
  • Why sound and equipment is important in a club, especially with Afro-House music.
  • Sef shares a story about his struggle with finding a venue.
  • What is a 696 & is the 696 a fair process?
  • Setting reasonable explanations when negotiating terms with a venue.
  • Sef talks about how his sound has matured over the years.
  • BlackCoffee feat Bantu Soul – Even Though
  • How Sef discovered Afro House music.
  • Correlation between music and food.
  • Food in Ghana – Waakye – & mangoes, Fan Ice & kelewele
  • The correlation between food and culture.
  • Sef discusses how he throws it down in the kitchen.
  • Tanzanian food-  Pounded yam, Pillau rice.
  • The lack of Tanzanian restaurants in London.
  • How social media brings cultures together.
  • Papa L and Dean Carby
  • How Sef went about creating a brand while building a community through making Djs accessible
  • Why you need a website.
  • Sef Kombo talks about his podcast, ‘The Sef Sessions
  • We learn more about Sefs’ fanbase in South Africa.

Kitchen Bangers

  • Sun-EL Musician – Goodbye Ft. Dj Charl & Lelo Kamau
  • Soco (feat. Wizkid, Ceeza Milli, Spotless & Terri)
  • Da Capo Feat. Berita – Found You
  • David Mayer & Floyd Lavine – Sondela feat Xolisa
  • Kentphonik – Hiya Kaya
  • Kerri Chandler – All The Downloads

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