#007 Caz Talks Zimbabwean Food, Gango, Brunches & Catering

Caz is a London based food enthusiast, entrepreneur and the brainchild behind “Cooking With Caz”, a platform to share recipes, host events, engage with the community and more.

Ingredients for today’s show include notable food from Zimbabwe, the “gango” food trend in Zimbabwe. Challenges of organising a brunch
 and catering.

Podcast Ingredients

  • An introduction to “Cooking With Caz.”
  • Caz talks about her specialties.
  • Caz shares why cooking is an art form.
  • We find out what happened when Caz tried to fry yogurt.
  • Why milk is like “tip-ex” for cooking.
  • Notable food from Zimbabwe.
  • We talk “rodents” & “bushmeat.”
  • Similarities & differences between African & Caribbean food.
  • The “gango” food trend in Zimbabwe.
  • Is African food becoming more popular?
  • Is it good to water down food for the local palette?
  • Why Caz moved from Bournemouth to London.
  • Is a degree worthwhile?
  • Cooking while in student halls.
  • Where Caz found her passion for food – the competition that started it all.
  • Why Caz plays so much attention to presentation.
  • How Caz got her first client & tips for caterers.
  • Pricing food for your clients.
  • Quantity vs quality.
  • Snapchat vs Instagram.
  • Why events are important for people to try your food.
  • Deciding what feedback to ignore and what to take on board.
  • The “boozy African brunch.”
  • Challenges of organising a brunch.
  • Ensuring food quality when cooking with others.
  • We talking more about the best way to work with people.
  • Future plans – and food for thought on outsourcing.

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