D's Chef Diaries
#013 Providing Constructive Feedback To The Community With Chef D

In today’s episode, we chop it up with Chef D, a private chef, TV Chef, and caterer with a  cooking style that showcases West African and Caribbean fusion.

The ingredients for today’s episode include “honey jerk wings, Coconut rum glazed salmon & Chin Chin chocolate cheesecake”, “Why is African or Caribbean food not known for its customer service?” & “Providing constructive feedback to the community”

Nathalie Brigaud Ngoum
#012 Nathalie Ngoum Talks Loving What You Do

In today’s episode, we chop it up with Nathalie Brigaud Ngoum, a Cameroonian Food Writer, Blogger & Recipe Developer.

Ingredients for today’s show include “Cameroonian dishes”, “Why you need to love what you do” & “How being creative in the kitchen can be a challenge when learning to cook”

The Krio Kanteen
#011 The Krio Kanteen Supper Club Experience With Joe Faulkner

In today’s episode, we chop it up with Joe Faulkner, the founder of The Krio Kanteen, a West African food pop-up that specialises in Sierra Leonean food.

Ingredients for today’s show include “menu items from Joes last Supper Club” e.g. Rice Akara, Plasas – Cassava Leaf Sauce & more. We get a tip on following in Joe’s footsteps & “We hear a story about when cooking chicken for a supper club, didn’t go to plan.”

Toju Neburagho
#010 Toju Neburagho Talks Pairing Nigerian Food With Cake

We catch up with Toju Neburagho, the cake architect, baker, and founder of the bespoke cake brand “love.every.bite”

Ingredients for today’s show include “having confidence in your baking”, a “cake taste test,” & “pairing Nigerian food with cake.”

Alison & Stephanie
#009 What’s New Pop-Up Founders, Talks Christmas Dinner Ideas

Alison & Stephanie are the founders of “What’s New Pop-Up,” a platform for unique raw talent from a variety of categories including Food, Sports & Fitness, Fashion and more.

Ingredients for today’s show include things to eat during Christmas. We learn about how “What’s New Pop-Up” has grown, and we find out if your friends should support your business? 

Cooking With Caz
#007 Caz Talks Zimbabwean Food, Gango, Brunches & Catering

Caz is a London based food enthusiast, entrepreneur and the brainchild behind “Cooking With Caz”, a platform to share recipes, host events, engage with the community and more. 

Ingredients for today’s show include notable food from Zimbabwe, the “gango” food trend in Zimbabwe. Challenges of organising a brunch
 and catering.

Sef Kombo
#006 DJ Sef Kombo Talks Being A DJ & On Ghanaian & Tanzanian Food

Sef Kombo is a Soulful, Deep & Afro House DJ who played at our first brunch day party event. His work has taken him all over the world to countries like Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Poland and many more. He has also hosted his own show on Bang Radio, BBC 1xtra, Rinse FM & East Africa Radio and has appeared on Kiss 100 and BBC Asian Network.

Ingredients for today’s show include the trials and tribulations of being a DJ, we also talk about food from Ghana and Tanzania.

#005 We Talk Pondu & Congolese Food With Princese

Princese enjoys sharing her passion for Congolese & African recipes via her social channels, through which she allows us to join in her journey on learning about food from different cultures.

Ingredients for today’s show include the exploration of a Congolese dish called Pondu. We find out why it’s important for a female to cook, and we get tips for YouTube and other social channels

Carlington Clarke
#004 Jamaican Restaurateur Carlington Clarke Talks Opening A Take-Away

Carlington Clarke is the entrepreneur, Head Chef and co-founder of Pumpkin Jerk Grill, an award-nominated take-away restaurant offering authentic Caribbean cuisine. Carlington has over 20 years of cooking experience and has been involved in a number of restaurant launches.
Ingredients for today’s show include tips on launching a new restaurant or takeaway. Should you expect your own take-away, not to make a profit in its 1st year of business? How to ensure all your cooks, cook the same way.

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