#001 African Fusion Cuisine With Lawrence Gomez

Lawrence Gomez is the founder of PAPA L’s Kitchen and a pioneer of modern African cuisine. Lawrence has a passion for creating unique dining experiences, while combining the exotic ingredients and flavours of Africa with cuisine from around the world.

Ingredients for today’s show include a pinch of food history surrounding benachin. We’ll be exploring if it’s important to cook food traditionally, and we talk about creativity and competition in the industry.

Podcast Ingredients

  • An introduction to Lawrence Gomez & Papa L’s Kitchen
  • What Lawrence is passionate about
  • African fusion cuisine concept.
  • How food can open a conversation.
  • Introducing food to new people.
  • Papa L’s tasting menu.
  • What is a posset?
  • The rules of fusion cooking.
  • How Lawrence plans his recipes.
  • What it means to be a real chef.
  • Lawrence discusses his Gambian origins.
  • The discipline of being a chef.
  • Is it important to cook traditionally?
  • Presentation and plating of Afro-Caribbean food.
  • Dating and food
  • Why it’s important for men to be able to cook.
  • We find out if Lawrence writes down his recipes, and if you should?
  • The history of benachin & jollof rice.
  • Who makes the best Jollof (does it really matter?)
  • Why there is not an abundance of big African or Caribbean restaurants on the high street in London.
  • Creativity and competition in the industry.
  • How Lawrence got into the food industry and the IVY Restaurant in London.
  • Dealing with disrespect in the kitchen.
  • Maintaining a relationship while you are a chef.
  • Rapid fire questions.
  • Dish of the week.

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