Month: May 2019

The Krio Kanteen

#011 The Krio Kanteen Supper Club Experience With Joe Faulkner

In today’s episode, we chop it up with Joe Faulkner, the founder of The Krio Kanteen, a West African food pop-up that specialises in Sierra Leonean food.

Ingredients for today’s show include “menu items from Joes last Supper Club” e.g. Rice Akara, Plasas – Cassava Leaf Sauce & more. We get a tip on following in Joe’s footsteps & “We hear a story about when cooking chicken for a supper club, didn’t go to plan.”

Toju Neburagho

#010 Toju Neburagho Talks Pairing Nigerian Food With Cake

We catch up with Toju Neburagho, the cake architect, baker, and founder of the bespoke cake brand “love.every.bite”

Ingredients for today’s show include “having confidence in your baking”, a “cake taste test,” & “pairing Nigerian food with cake.”


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